The Best Way To Secure a Boat Trailer From Theft

One of the unfortunate realities of boat ownership is that boat thieves exist. While boat theft is uncommon in most regions of the US, thieves can make boat ownership a nightmare in certain parts, forcing boat owners to spend time and money to protect their boat from theft. Boats kept on trailers in their owner's [...]

How Often Should You Clean Your Boat’s Bottom?

For most boat owners, expect to have to have your boat cleaned approximately once a month. Factors like where you keep your boat, how you're using it, and how long since your last coat of anti-fouling paint was applied, will all be used to determine how often you should have your boat's bottom cleaned and what you can expect to pay for it.

Tips For Finding Your Boat’s Marine Mechanic

Think of finding a marine mechanic for your boat like interviewing a candidate for a job. You're likely to spend thousands of dollars with this person over the course of your business relationship with them and use their services multiple times a year. Before deciding on a mechanic for your boat there are a few things you should ask.

Boat Ownership Costs: What to Expect

Boat ownership costs come in two forms, expected and unexpected. This article takes a look at what you can expect as a boat owner when it comes to costs. We also offer some helpful cost saving advice as well as compare the ownership costs of a few different types of boats.