Our Story

About us

BoatEasy is a peer to peer marketplace for the recreational boating community. As boaters ourselves, we know how difficult maintaining a boat can be. Tired of relying on word of mouth to find the right service provider for our boats, we decided to build BoatEasy.

Our initial goal for BoatEasy was to create a website where boat owners could connect with businesses and professionals near them. In doing so boaters would have greater choice in who they use to perform work on their boats and businesses and professionals in the industry would have an easy way to connect with boat owners. While our initial aspirations were primarily local in the South Florida area, BoatEasy quickly grew. The value of the platform was evident to both boat owners and businesses and we now have over 2,000 service providers offering a wide range of services, products, and expertise to boaters across the US.

As BoatEasy grows, users continually surprise us with new and innovative ways they’re using the platform. From offering services to boat owners that we never thought of to selling gear boaters need to simply using our platform to connect with other boaters for a day on the water. We hope this trend will continue and love to be surprised by all the innovative ways our users have utilized BoatEasy.

For our blog our main goal is to provide basic tips for boat owners, especially new boat owners. Our goal is to inform new boat owners about potential costs and maintenance needs while at the same time providing useful tips and tricks for all boat owners. If you have any suggestions to help improve posts, an idea for a future post, or are a member of BoatEasy and would like to write a guest post on a topic you’re knowledgeable about just contact us using the link below.