Underwater Hull Cleaning Made Easy

Hull cleaning can be thought of as the boat owner’s equivalent to mowing your yard. No matter how much you want to put it off, or how busy you are, your grass is going to grow and the higher it gets, the longer it will take to mow when you finally do get around to doing it.

Boat Maintenance Made Easy

Every boat owner has experienced the frustration of an inoperable system aboard their boat, whether it is an engine that won’t start, a dead battery, or any one of the many issues that keep boaters from enjoying their time on the water.

How to Launch a Boat by Yourself

Knowing how to launch a boat on a trailer is a skill no one is born with. It’s that part of every boating trip that no one really likes and can be difficult for even experienced boat owners.

Boat Ownership Costs: What to Expect

There’s a popular saying among boaters that there’s nothing more expensive than a free boat. Free or not, boat ownership costs are an important factor in deciding which boat is right for you, or if boat ownership is the right option.

10 Easy Boat Cleaning Hacks

Let’s face it, cleaning your boat after a long day on the water can be an exhausting and time consuming task. In this article we take a look at 10 easy to implement boat cleaning hacks that will save you time and money, and keep your boat looking great

How Much Does a Boat Slip Cost?

This post is an addition to our series of blog posts on boat ownership costs that help boaters understand the costs associated with owning their boat. For most boaters, cost plays a role in deciding where to keep your boat.

Boat Detailing: Worth the Cost?

As a new boat owner there are a lot of things to do to properly care for your boat. When it comes to boat detailing, you may be asking yourself, is it even necessary? How often should I have my boat detailed?

5 Easy Boat Storage Ideas

There isn’t a boat owner out there who hasn’t wished their boat had more storage space. From the required safety and maintenance gear we keep aboard, to gear for fishing, diving, and all the other things we use our boats for, it quickly adds up.

How-to: Finding A Great Local Boat Mechanic

Finding a local marine mechanic for your boat is an important first step in boat ownership. The right marine mechanic will make boat ownership enjoyable for years to come, the wrong one – well let’s just say you’ll quickly find yourself wishing you’d kept renting boats from the local boat club.

How Often Should You Clean Your Boat’s Bottom?

I’ve always thought of keeping your boat’s bottom clean as the boat owner’s version of mowing the grass. Like with mowing your grass, you may be asking, how often should you clean your boat’s bottom?