How Much Does a Boat Slip Cost?

This post is an addition to our series of blog posts on boat ownership costs that help boaters understand the costs associated with owning their boat. For most boaters, cost plays a role in deciding where to keep your boat.

5 Easy Boat Storage Ideas

There isn’t a boat owner out there who hasn’t wished their boat had more storage space. From the required safety and maintenance gear we keep aboard, to gear for fishing, diving, and all the other things we use our boats for, it quickly adds up.

How Often Should You Clean Your Boat’s Bottom?

I’ve always thought of keeping your boat’s bottom clean as the boat owner’s version of mowing the grass. Like with mowing your grass, you may be asking, how often should you clean your boat’s bottom?

Unexpected Boat Ownership Costs

Considering purchasing a new boat, or maybe you’re a new boat owner? If so you’ve probably had someone tell you that B.O.A.T stands for “break out another thousand”. This common expression among boaters provides a little levity to offset the financial sting of the many unexpected costs that come with boat ownership.