The Best Way To Secure a Boat Trailer From Theft

One of the unfortunate realities of boat ownership is that boat thieves exist. While boat theft is uncommon in most regions of the US, thieves can make boat ownership a nightmare in certain parts, forcing boat owners to spend time and money to protect their boat from theft. Boats kept on trailers in their owner’s […]

Unexpected Boat Ownership Costs

For new boat owners it can be hard to see beyond their boat’s purchase price, which may be substantial. However, it’s important to factor in the other costs that come with boat ownership so that they don’t overwhelm your budget. Like any major purchase, proper budgeting and education can make boat ownership fun and enjoyable while not breaking the bank.

Tips For Finding Your Boat’s Marine Mechanic

Think of finding a marine mechanic for your boat like interviewing a candidate for a job. You’re likely to spend thousands of dollars with this person over the course of your business relationship with them and use their services multiple times a year. Before deciding on a mechanic for your boat there are a few things you should ask.